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American Equity Rates as of  September 6th, 2018

Athene Rates- Maxrate – June 29th, 2018

Delaware Life – September 1st, 2018

EquiTrust Rates – September 17, 2018

Fidelity & Guaranty Life –  September 1st, 2018

Guggenheim Fixed Annuity Interest Rates – September 1st , 2018

Integrity Current Rates Fixed as of September 1st, 2018 and Indextra Index as September 15th, 2018

Lincoln Financial Fixed Annuity Rates – September 1st, 2018

Minnesota Life Interest Rates – September 15th, 2018

North American Annuity Interest Rates, July 5th, 2018

Reliance Standard Deferred Annuities Interest Rates – June 21st, 2018